The Parliament: Challenges of 2024 in the integration process

The EU Progress report on Albania (2023) has provided extensive assessments concerning the Assembly, highlighting challenges with fulfilling his functioning, transparency standards, parliamentary oversight, vacant seats, and electoral reform obstacles. As the negotiation process with the EU is anticipated to move forward in 2024, based on ratified regulatory acts, the parliament will play an important role and take on more responsibility.

The European Parliament’s Stabilization-Association Committee has endorsed the recommendations for Albania (2024), which entail specific commitments to the Assembly’s role and responsibilities. The Assembly has developed an Action Plan comprising measures to tackle the recommendations outlined in the European Commission’s Report and on the Analytical Review for Group-Chapters 1. Additionally, the Ministry of Justice, through its secretariat and the working group tasked with developing the Roadmap for the Functioning of Democratic Institutions, has concluded the consultation process for the document.

The Assembly now has a comprehensive structure, the National Council for European Integration (KKIE), which, under the provisions of Law 15/2015, as amended by Law 19/2023, has several authority and responsibilities aimed at aligning the parliamentary operational landscape with the vision, integrity, and institutional dedication of both constituent and supporting actors.

The Institute of Political Studies (ISP), in collaboration with Center for the Study of Democracy and Governance (CSDG) is implementing the project “Improving the Debate on Policies and Accountability in fulfilment of the criteria of the First Group of Negotiating Chapters “, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania.

In February, designated as the “Month of Civil Society Engagement for European Integration,” ISP will hold a roundtable discussion. Participants will include Assembly members, KKIE and parliamentary group leaders, relevant institutions, experts, civil society members, media representatives, and Western diplomatic missions in Tirana. The roundtable aims to discuss and propose recommendations for effectively fulfilling parliamentary duties resulting from the integration process in 2024. Before the event, ISP will distribute a non-public document to all attendees.

Please find the draft – report

ISP – Kuvendi – sfidat 2024 ne procesin e integrimit (dokument orientimi)

Kuvendi – Draft Plani i veprimit (Screening) per Cluster 1

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