Cluster One EU Negotiations Platform-Albania (C1-EU-NPA)

Improved Policy Debate and Accountability to Delivering on Fundamentals First, through the Establishment of Cluster One EU Negotiations Platform-Albania (C1-EU-NPA)”

Period:  July 2021- December 2023

Supported by: Kingdom of Netherlands (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Partnership: Centre for Studies of Democracy and Governance (CSDG), Institute for Political Studies (ISP), Albanian Institute of Science (AIS), and the Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC)

Objective: Support Albania’s EU accession negotiations related to cluster one chapter (fundamentals first) through improved policy debate and strengthened accountability and CSOS’s role in the process.


  • Support the public institutions engaged in the Cluster One EU negotiations through the provision of policy expertise
  • Strengthen accountability and responsiveness of the public institutions engaged in the EU negotiation process to deliver on the fundamentals first and the overall pace of
  • Strengthen knowledge and involvement of the professional community, relevant stakeholders and the public on processes and outcomes pertaining to Cluster One EU
  • Strengthen the overall role and visibility of Albanian CSOs in EU negotiation


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